Friday, February 26, 2010

The Tittie-Do!

Yesterday was pretty ok.

I got up off of my rump and did some serious working out. Yup, I did my 4/1 routine on the treadmill.

Time to run x 1 - "Here we go!" I thought to myself as I ran my big arse off................

Ok yea - you know what the rest of the story is. It was not pretty. But I did it. And I do think it was better than the day before. I knew what to expect and was mentally prepared for it.

I did make one realization while on the treadmill....

My "tittie-do" is gone. I know your thinking - Uh Linds, what exactly is a "tittie-do"? Lemme explain - See, when Monkey was a baby he was a chunky little man. Mistee made the joke one day that his belly stuck out further than his "weenie-do". So, I kind of adapted the name for my own belly, or "tittie-do" - for, well, obvious reasons. ** Hey, if Keelie can use "butt in the front" I can use "tittie-do", right?**

Anyway, so I look down while I'm walking - and what do I see? Boobs, then my feet. Ive always been able to see my feet but I always saw belly in between boobs and feet. So, somethings working here. The scale hasn't moved this week, which is a bummer but I'm trying to see the overall picture.

After finishing the 4/1 - and after catching my breath - I went right into letting Jillian whoop on my big arse for a while. **I figure while I'm down, I might as well get kicked! ** I gave myself a little bit of a break, about 20 minutes. Then did day 1 of the 30 day weight loss routine on Exercise Tv. That was long!

Jen over at Prior Fat Girl has a new thing with sweat pictures - or "sweaty splendor" as she calls it. I call it "I need a shower" Here's the pic I sent her for her collection:

Why is it that pictures can be worth a thousand words but never really tell the whole story? My skin and hair (what you can see of it) look nice and dry in this picture. When in actuality, my hair and face were dripping and my shirt could have been wrung out - it was so wet. Yuk.

But, I did my workout and felt accomplished for it. I put the workout info into - it gave me the number of 994 calories burned! Holey guacamole! **Mmmm, guacamoooolllleee.....**

Today I'm sore but need to get off of my bootay and get the job done. **What Id really like to do is sit and veg on the couch all day.** Im thinking today of trying a FitLab routine. Kellie at Journey to a New Me discovered this and it seems pretty kinda cool!

Anyway, thats about all for now. 13 days, 23 hours, 55 minutes and 10- no, 7- no, 5 seconds left till vacation!


Kelly said...

Woooop! Congrats on losing the 'tittie-do'! And way to rock it! That's a crap load of calories GONE! You just motivated the heck out of me!... off to do my workout! I hear Jillian calling my name! haha

Thanks for the shout out also! If you do a routine, let me know how you like it. My hamstrings are wayyyy sore today. Awesome!

Jessica - cbgblog said...

*hah* I love that --- Tittie-do! That made me chuckle!
CONGRATS on losing the tittie-do :)

Jessica - cbgblog said...

And thanks for comment on my blog. It is easier said than done but a lot of things in life are that way... it only makes us stronger to have struggles and then know we can succeed!

linds said...

So true Jessica! So true. It is empowering to have a struggle in front of us, being a doughnut or a 5K, and walk away saying I DID IT! You're a determined person. I don't see anything standing in your way. You're doing a fantastic job!

linds said...
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