Saturday, February 27, 2010

Small NSV!

But a NSV non the less!

Last week, Buddie Pal asked if I wanted to go see Shutter Island this weekend, kid free. Who can resist that? ** The kid free part - duh!**
Here's the problem with that. I have a ritual at a movie theater. Soda - a big one just because its cheaper. Popcorn - a big one just because its cheaper. Candy - because you just cant have the popcorn without a sweet to counter balance the salt. Of course the popcorn has to have extra extra butter on it.

Do you know that a medium size popcorn can have as many as 1160 calories and 60 grams of fat?? Eating a medium size popcorn and soda can give you the same nutritional value as THREE quarter pounders with cheese AND 12 pats of butter. Holey canoli! ***Mmmmm canoli....****

I was really nervous about going. I didn't want to sit at the movie with nothing. But I was not going to pay $7000 to eat those calories and fat. Movies are so expensive these days. So, I made a plan. I ate dinner right before we left to go - later than normal - but I didnt want to be hungry while I was there. I popped a bag of microwave, non butter popcorn and stuffed it into my bag. Its against the rules, yes. But I don't really care.
When we got there - she asked if I was going to get something from the snack bar. Yup, I said. I walked to the counter, cut around some people that were waiting for popcorn and grabbed the biggest water I could get. I then went straight to the check out. I looked at the wall the entire time and never once looked at all the other yummies they had to offer. Yay!!

The movie was just ok. I wouldn't go see it again - and would only maybe rent it, so Mistee can watch it.

On another note -- I've done my 4/1 routine every day! Yay! Today, it was rough. I had a hard time getting through it. But, I went to bed late last night (that movie is long!), and didn't eat breakfast this morning. ** I know. I know. But YOU just posted a whole report on breakfast! Yes, I did. However, Mistee's parents were here. I didn't want to eat in front of them - but was starving!**
I found out too, that I was tracking it wrong on sparkpeople. So, my little 30 minute adventure is actually worth 317 calories. Not too shabby.

I woke this morning to a one pound loss. We'll see what numbers tomorrow brings. Its crazy cause I totally see a pattern on my spread sheet now. Its almost guaranteed that I have four days of dropping numbers on the scale, followed by four days of a stall, then another four days of dropping. Kinda strange huh? But, what ever pattern my body likes the weight to drop - is good by me!!

Have a great weekend everyone! I dont know about everywhere - but its pretty outside here. Go outside and get some fresh air!


Kelly said...

That's awesome! I always sneak stuff into the movie theater but in the past it's been JUNK! Candy bar or canned coke.. I haven't been since I started this journey, but I know when I do, I'm taking your advice!

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