Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exercise TV

Remember earlier when I told you I was bored with my workouts?

Well, check this out!

Have any of you heard of Exercise Tv?

Jen, at Prior Fat Girl, one of my favorite blogs, has posted about it in the past. But tonight, I finally sat down and looked at it. Wow!

Lemme tell ya guys - this is a website that's cram packed with FULL LENGTH videos. There's workouts in beginner, intermediate and advanced categories. You can work out to any theme your little heart desires. Themes like Rock hard total body, Squat to Look Hot and the all famous - Bootilicious Buns.

With all of these options, I'll never be bored again!

So, check it out!


Minnesota Mami said...

Hi Linds, just found your blog via Scale Junkie/Healthy You Challenge! I am also a big fan of Prior Fat Girl and had initially heard about ExerciseTV from there too...but your post reminds me I really have to check it out to change up my exercise routine a little bit!

Holly @ Making Over Me

Crystal said...

you know, on direct tv there is Fit TV too... they have some regular shows mixed in, but all are about being healthy - mind and body... but when they have workouts on, they are really good too...