Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Monday night Mistee came home with probably THE cutest thing on the planet!

One of the guys she works with had puppies (well, HE didn't have puppies, but you get the idea. Every one of the puppies died except for this little guy. Mistee's friend knew she was a fan of dachshunds so he saved him for her. His name is Peyton Manning. I just wonder if the human Peyton Manning was as stinkin cute as this when he was little.

This morning, I woke up to this!!

How awesome is that to wake up to? Its still going strong and those pics were taken about 5 hours ago.

So, yesterday ended up pretty good. I had a calorie consumption of just under 1300 and a burn of 572. All figures accounted for, I had an overall deficit of 1583. I know! I know! You guys that have read into forming a calorie deficit are screaming "that's too high!" But here's the deal: 1.I have more body fat to lose than the "average person" 2.I'm staying well within a healthy calorie range for input - thus preventing my body from stalling out, hitting a plateau or going into "starvation mode" 3. I vary my calories in, calories out, and overall deficit every day to confuse my metabolism to again help prevent a stall out.
So, I was happy with yesterday - now Ive just gotta wait to see the numbers on the scale. Hopefully in the next day or two Ill see some good droppage in numbers.

Bubba (our nine year old) has a Valentine's Day party tomorrow at school. I found a cute little treat recipe on a favorite blog, Our Best Bites, last night and thought it would be perfect for his class!

I only hope ours turn out as cute as these!!

OH! I almost forgot! While working out today I ran 2 miles! Granted I was running in place with the Wii - but it was still 2 miles! When I started this adventure I couldn't run (in place) a quarter of the way around the track on Wii Active. Today, I ran 2.5 laps - twice plus a short run that was only 1.5 laps. I then went on to do the medium run on Wii Fit twice, which unlocked the Island Lap. So, I did that one twice too!! The Island Lap took about 12 minutes each and from what Ive found online, is approximately .9 miles. All in all - I ran over 2 miles. But all of it was start/stop except for the Island Laps. Yay! Go me!
Here's a pic of Monkey in his work out attire:

This is actually the resistance band that comes with the Wii Active. Its kind of flimsy, so I let him use it during workouts when he plays along. Today he thought the best place for it was on his head, kung foo style! :)

Last thing for today -- A friend of mine linked this on her Face book page - Warrior Dash. I am SOO doing it! I've already talked to a couple of friends who said they wanna go too. How much fun does this look like?? Maybe back in the day I would have said anyone was pure D crazay to even think of doing this. But, I totally wanna do it. I don't have a desire to win a prize. I just want to say I completed it - and get a t shirt and viking helmet! Bonus!!