Friday, February 19, 2010


The word "inspiration" was brought to my attention yesterday. Actually, it was "inspiring" but whats the difference, really?

While discussing this word with a friend of mine, she asked "Well, what do you want your blog to be?" That's really a good question. One I haven't thought of.

Here's the deal. I love to write and I've been told several times through out the years that I'm good at it. Why I haven't started this before I really don't know but I'm doing it now and that's what matters.
I never thought about the type of blog I wanted or what the content of the posts would be. My posts consist of whats going on in my life at the time. I sit down, open my laptop, write and hit publish. I don't think much of what I'll write before hand and I do very little, if any, editing after.

I honestly don't write my posts with the intention of being inspiring to others. I have spent most of my adult life putting myself on the back burner. I have made the commitment to myself to allow ME to be important again. Therefore, I write because its good for me and my journey. However, if people are guided by what works for me in my weight loss journey and are able to achieve a goal for themselves - bonus!

In starting this blog I have been exposed to tons of other blogs out there - specifically geared towards weight loss and learning to live a healthy lifestyle. There are so many different blog styles and writing styles. Some are very analytical and scientific on their presentation of information, with very little personal experiences or point of view. Others are nothing more than an online journal of someones personal life, including experiences and view points on family, relationships, their career, etc.

What makes one blog style or one blog specifically, more inspiring than another?

To me, inspiration is in the eye of the beholder. Where some may enjoy and look for the straight forward information on calorie counts, work out routines and why their body weighs more at different times of the day - others enjoy personal stories. I get bored reading blogs that don't use personal pronouns. I want to know what techniques the writer uses to count their calories, what work out routines have shown them results and maybe read a funny story on how they figured out, through personal experience, that our bodies weigh more at different times of the day. More importantly, I want to read how they set a goal for themselves, made that goal and how it makes them feel.

I hope that my blog posts are a combination of both, personal experiences and educational information. Its what I enjoy reading and therefore will be what I present to my readers, be it one post a week or three posts a day.

What inspires me?
I have four things that inspire me to be healthy. One is nine and at school in the fourth grade. Another is 3 and snuggling with me on the couch as I write this. The third is 17 months old and napping. The fourth isn't conceived yet but is already named and has a place in my heart and a waiting place in my arms. My kids inspire me to be the best mom ever. They inspire me to get off the couch and play outside with them. They inspire me to become healthy so I can watch them grow for many many years to come. While I'm not perfect, I try my hardest. That's all I ask of them in their adventures and I choose to lead by example. They deserve nothing less.

What inspires you?


Keelie said...

That was pretty inspiring!

I enjoy visiting the different blog "types," as you mentioned. Each one inspires me in different ways. Mostly just knowing that other people are striving for the same thing I am and being successful (as well as having struggles) really inspires me to keep going.


Keelie said...
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linds said...

I just deleted that one because it was a double post.

Thanks Keelie! I couldn't agree more. The crazy thing is, I like reading about struggles. It helps me to realize Im not in this fight alone and Im not the only one huffing and puffing. Then when I read that same person post on a goal achieved - its fantastic! I think, Wow - there's hope for me yet!