Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My name is Lindsey and I'm a.......

blogaholic! Everyone chime in together "Hiiii Lindsey!"

I've never done this before. I have no idea if there's any kind of blogging rules or etiquette. So, if its against some kind of code or commandment to post more than once a day - please let me know.

Yesterday, I was pissy. Yup. Sure was. I ate well and tracked everything but did not work out. That makes three days in a row of not working out. I wanted to. I had every intention of it. Just didn't get it done. I was so aggravated about this stall out issue that I spent most of my time (aside from time I spend with my kiddos) educating myself on weight loss plateaus and stall outs. What did I learn? Not much.
There really isn't any type of scientific evidence to show what really causes them. Well, crap. I could have been working out, folding clothes or plucking my eyebrows. But instead I was learning that there really isn't anything to learn.

Monday night, I made the meal from hell. I emailed Mistee earlier in the day and asked her what she wanted for dinner. "Don't think of my nutrition crusade, just pick anything you want for dinner." Mistake, Lindsey. Big mistake.
What she asked for is the favorite of everyone in this house and darn near all of our close friends. Chicken, broccoli, cheese and rice casserole. Its heaven on a plate with its ooie, gooie, cheesie goodness. No big deal. I got this. Ill just make a healthy alternative for me.

I tried. Oh, how I tried.

The original recipe calls for three, yes three, bags of shredded cheddar cheese, baked chicken, cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup, along with rice and broccoli. So, instead of the Uncle Ben's broccoli rice au gratin (which is so good) that goes into the mix, I got vegetable medley rice for myself. Into that I mixed in baked chicken, broccoli and fat free shredded cheddar. "See, just like the real thing" I thought to myself as I took the first bite. "Just who the hell are you trying to fool here?" I actually said out loud after I took the first bite.

I took the first bite while in the kitchen cooking for everyone else. I like to snack when I cook. So it works for me to make my dinner plate first so I have something to pick on while I'm cooking for everyone else. I then can finish my meal with everyone else but have not had extra bites or calories than what I planned for.

So, upon taking the first bite and realizing not only did my plate suck in comparison to what they were going to eat but I still needed to finish their meal and would have to stare at it and smell it until it was out of the house. Another problem. I'm so used to making this meal to feed tons of people, I knew there would be POUNDS of it left over.

I started to cry.

No one saw me crying and I wouldn't admit it if you offered me a million bucks. Wait, didn't I just admit it, three lines above? Move on people! Nothing to see here!

So, I made Mistee promise to take ALL of the leftovers to work with her. "But thats enough to feed an army!" "Yup, and youre gonna either take it and feed that army you work with or Peaches(our basset hound) is gonna have a great breakfast!" Some how, I'm guessing by the look on my face, she knew I wasn't kidding. "Ok, Ill take it." Good. Whew, I dont have to deal with that tomorrow.

She forgot.

Remember yesterday's post? The one where I was complaining about not losing weight and was bummed, heartbroken, confused and down right mad? Oh, yea. That one.

Yesterday was NOT a good day to have that in my fridge. I knew I was going to eat it. There was no denying it or trying to hide it. It was destiny. The casserole and I were meant to be one. As I pulled it out of the fridge, along with a plate and a spoon - I stopped. I then went to my handy dandy lil laptop and typed in This is an off site of sparkpeople, hence the name connection. There's great recipes on its own but there's a fantastic feature where you can put in your own recipe and it'll give you the nutrition breakdown of the meal per serving.
By gosh, if I was going to eat the heaven on a plate - I was going to know exactly what I was getting into first. **If only Adam and Eve would have had the luxury of the internet. Maybe they would have made healthier snacking choices. Not saying apples aren't healthy - I'm just saying. Oh, never mind.**

I approximated there to be 12 servings in the dish based on how many it fed the night before and how much was left. 430 calories per servings. Holey cow.
Did I eat it? Oh, you bet my cholesterol laden heart, I did. I savored every bite and almost licked the plate clean. But, at least I did it educated. I knew the numbers and what I had to work with for the rest of the day.

Last night, we had a left over night. Or "fend for yourself" night. Those are the nights where Mommy doesn't feel like cooking. If you wanna eat - go get it yourself. I planned that for a reason - to get that devil food out of my fridge. And it worked. Its all gone!

Moral of the story? I will not cook devil food when I'm in an emotional or mental slump. It puts me in too hard of a position. One I'm not comfortable dealing with.

This morning, I woke up in a great mood. I went to the bathroom, like I did three times in the middle of the night - a GALLON of water a day, remember? There it sat, staring at me. "The thing" I really just did not want to get on it. I just didn't. I'm so sick of putting in the hard work and getting 242 back. "You're in a great mood", I told myself. "Regardless of what it says we are not going to have another day like yesterday."


What! I get off and get back on. 240.6 No way! Off and back on, and stand in a different position. 240.8 "Ha! That's better - I TOLD you, stupid scale! Now let's just do this - give me the 242 I'm expecting already!" Off, move the scale and STOMP back on....


OK, at this point I cant help but to laugh hysterically. Not like a "holey cow, that's funny" kind of laugh but more like a "crazy lady that sits out side of Wal-mart that rocks and laughs to herself while petting her stuffed animal monkey" kind of laugh. **Wow, where did I get that from? I don't know.**

So, let me make sure I understand this completely -- If I INCREASE my calorie intake, DON'T work out, drink LESS water, DO eat the devil food heaven on a plate and complain my brains out on my blog - I'll loose the weight?? **Insert crazy mad lady laugh here.**


Tricia said...

Our bodies are so strange sometimes. :)

Weighting Around said...

See, there is no accounting for that number on your scale! Just rejoice at the loss!

And blog as often as you like. I post weekly, that is enough for me because I don't want to ramble, I'm aiming for inspiring. Good job, though, Linds!