Monday, February 8, 2010

The first Ramble.....

Ive thought for a while now of starting a blog. I have several friends that do it and several others that I follow. But I never really thought I had anything important enough to say. Why would anyone care what I think?
I started reading the blog of a fellow sparker last week. For those that dont know, Im referring to - its a great website that gives tons of info on health and nutrition. More on that later. So, Ive been reading this blog and totally connecting to it. Where we don't share all of the same habits or strategies in our weight loss journey, I love the fact she is so brutally honest in her writings. I think that is a fantastic characteristic. That's what Im striving for. Brutal honesty. However, I don't intent for this blog to be only weight or nutrition based. Those are very important aspects of my life right now. But, I deal with other things, very important things, as well. My family, our upcoming vacation :), my career goals, my walk in this years Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure, photography, recipes, etc.

Hey, maybe I DO have important things to say. Well, at least theyr'e important to me.