Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bad wine saves calories.....

Yesterday's post was nothing more than my rant at the results of "the thing". I never really updated on the last few days. So, I'm gonna get that taken care of now. Does anyone care? Yea, didn't think so.

Saturday, Mistee packed the boys up and went running around with Buddy Pal. It was super nice for me - dead quiet in the house. Only me and my Wii. I had a great work out and was just ready to shower when she got back home, two boys short. Bubba and Monkey stayed with Buddy Pal to play with her kiddo. We decided to do some running around and go on a wheatgrass hunt. Before showering is when I had my encounter with "the thing". Don't remember? See "Blue toenails and lopsided love handles."

My wheatgrass hunt didn't result in exactly what I wanted but I'm still happy with it.

We had a nice time running around, really just doing nothing, with Doodle Bug(our 17 month old grand baby). He really is a fun little guy.

Later that evening we, along with Buddy Pal decided to go get something to eat. Boy, were we stupid. Saturday night is normally not easy to get a seat with out waiting. But add the fact that its February 13th and your doomed to wait. We had four kids, people. Waiting was not an option. We ended up at Famous Dave's and only waited about 10 minutes.
I was really proud of myself at the restaurant. When the waitress came out to take our drink order - I asked for a nutritional count menu. I had never had the cahonies to do this before as I always felt strange. I didn't want to direct any more attention to myself - the fat lady at the table trying to be healthy. But I did it. Only to be told a few minutes later - they don't have one. "But, I'm sure you can get on your phone and look it up" the waitress says. First of all, not everyone has an internet capable phone. *No, not everyone owns an iPhone.* Second, my phone was at home. Luckily, Buddy Pal had her phone so I looked up what my better options were. I chose catfish, mashed potatoes and coleslaw. I'm not sure why I ordered the catfish - I don't like it. Not just theirs. I don't like catfish. So I traded Mistee for her chopped pork sandwich and ate half. That, on top of the sides, salad and four large glasses of water and I was stuffed. All for right around 650 calories. Good day.

Sunday - Happy Valentine's Day! Because were saving for our vacation **Mickey Mouse, here we come!** we've been taking all holidays easy financially. Mistee made me a great dinner of crab legs, lobster and asparagus. For dessert, she made a great yogurt parfait with Greek yogurt, strawberries and granola. **That's actually what Ive had for breakfast every day since then.**

I was totally impressed with what she did for the meal. She was so very considerate of my healthy eating plan. I'm loved and I appreciate her for that. We ate picnic style on the living room floor in front of the fire. No tv. No kids. Did you hear that? Yea, I said no kids. Mistee's brother and Buddy Pal kept the boys for a couple of hours for us. Thanks so much!!

You can see in the picture, I was also served a glass of wine. I love wine and would rather drink it than any other alcoholic beverage. I usually choose a red - Lambrusco being my favorite. However, Mistee said she was told this was a great choice with seafood - so lets try it. Gack! No thanks! She was very apologetic about the yuk wine. Hey, harm no foul! Bad wine saves calories! We didn't eat the lobster either. It must have been over cooked - she had it steamed in the store - because it was tough and rubbery. Funny thing is Im not a big lobster fan anyway but I can eat my weight in crab legs. That's a hella lot of crab legs!

** Funny story real quick, when I was preggo with Monkey, I craved crab legs constantly. One night, Mistee surprised me by bringing some home for just me. There I sat, big as a whale, on the living room floor with two mixing bowls in front of me. One for legs, the other for shells. While I was in my own little crabby bliss - Bubba, who was five at the time, comes up and goes for a crab leg. He's a big fan too. Could out crack anyone at four years old. Without even looking at him - I stabbed him with my fork! Yea, STABBED him. He starts crying, so I start crying - full on hormonal mess and just cant believe I STABBED my own child over a crab leg! He didn't bleed but his hand was red with little fork tooth marks for the next couple of hours. He's still nervous to eat legs around me and that was four years ago. **

So, Valentine's day was great fun. We talked, ate, and I got a massage. It was a nice few hours to ourselves. The world goes by real fast, people. In my house, believe me, I know this. Take time to remember who you love, Valentine's Day or not. Take the time to reconnect even if just for a couple of hours. It balances you and makes you remember what the hard work is for.