Friday, February 12, 2010


Before I get today's post started - I'd like to take a minute to say - I have my first follower!! Yay!! Ok, so who cares if he's one of my bestest friends. He's still following me! Thanks Gav! :)

You may now continue on to today's post..... :p

OMG!! I woke up this morning so unbelievably sore. When I sat down to pee, my quads were on fire. "Good workout" I thought to myself. Then I tried to get up. If you've never experienced the sensation of feeling trapped on your own toilet - its totally not a pretty picture. I have a good size master bathroom and the toilet sits on its own. There's nothing that could be used for leverage with in arms length. I had nothing to help heave me off of my toilet death trap. So,after a few minutes of grunting and groaning (and internally crying) I was able to get myself up. Whew, that was close. I thought I was a gonner there for a minute!

I was up late last night making the Valentine's Day fortune cookies for Bubba's class. They turned out pretty cute, I think!

We packed them up in these cute little boxes I found.

On top of being up late last night, I got up early to make Bubba's teachers pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Then to make matters worse, I didn't sleep well last night. My legs were very restless - probably from fatigue. So, needless to say, I'm sore, tired and not in the best of moods. Normally I would have already worked out by now but haven't yet. Even though I'm sore, I need to do something. I'll probably find an upper body work out since my issues are mainly in my legs today.

Oh - I got on the scale this morning - after prying myself off of the toilet and after moving around for a little bit. I've figured out that for me the best time to get on the scale is not right after I wake up. I usually wait until I've been up an hour or two. For what ever reason, when I first get up I feel bloated and heavy. But once I move around for a bit, I feel better and the scale shows better numbers(sometimes up to two pounds!). Because of this, I consistently weigh in at about 9 am.

Anyway, this morning showed 242.4!! Yay! Back to where I was before my alter ego, "The Slacker" came to town. I'm still two pounds from where I wanted to be this week but who knows, the week isn't over yet. My official weigh in day is Sunday. Speaking of weigh in, look at this cute little ditty I found -

The Weigh In Process

1. Strip naked and get into the shower.
2. Exfoliate every inch of your body.
3. Shave whatever can be shaved.
4. Exfoliate again.
5. Get out of shower and completely dry off. Make sure to absorb every drop of water on your body.
6. Pee.
7. Cut your toe and fingernails and be sure to remove any nail polish.
8. Tweeze eyebrows and any other tweezable facial hair.
9. Brush and floss your teeth. Rinse WELL. Do not leave any paste on your teeth or mouth.
10. Pee.
11. Blow your nose.
12. Clean your ears with a q-tip.
13. Rub your belly in circular motions, firmly.
14. Pee.
15. Place the scale EXACTLY where you had it last week.
16. Eye it carefully. Sternly. Pleadingly. All in one look. Takes practice, but can be done.
17. Pee.
18. Take a deeeeeep breath for a count of 4 and release for a count of 4.
19. Repeat.
20. Pee.
21. Slowly, carefully, step on to the scale as you exhale, letting all your muscles hang loose.
22. Assume "the position" - you know the one, where you hang your heals off of the back of the scale, bend your knees and hold your hands on your stomach.
23. Stare straight ahead for digital scales, for analog..i dunno. Get a new scale.
24. When it beeps to tell you its Final Judgment, look down with one eye open.
25. Inhale, before you pass out.
26. Step off and repeat several times until you get the desired result - or at least the best one the scale is willing to give.
27. Go on with your day as though nothing had happened. Remember, its a tin box and only reflects ONE of the many aspects of the healthy lifestyle you are now giving yourself:)

Did I miss anything?