Monday, March 29, 2010

Why didn't I do this years ago???

First off - Im sorry!! I have not been around in forever (it feels like)! After we got back from our vacation, I just felt like I couldn't get caught up on anything. Laundry, sleep, getting the kitchen restocked, etc. I really felt like I needed a vacation from the vacation!!

I have every intention of writing a trip report - full of pics from our vacation. However, I took just shy of 1200 pics! Ive been working to get them edited and ready for posting, as well as printing for a scrapbook but gosh - 1200 pics take FOREVER to get edited! We got some scrapbook supplies while on our trip and several tons more this past weekend. I'm very crafty but have never done a scrapbook. Im kind of excited about it! It should be fun!

This past weekend, we didn't do much - just bee bopped around town, hit some garage sales and picked up bunches of stuff for the scrapbook. We stopped at Old Navy to see what they had for the boys. I love ON but rarely get anything for myself because I usually cant find anything to fit. BUT - oh, how this trip was different! I had arm loads of clothes to try on and was SO loving it! At one point Mistee said "Umm, this could be a problem!" I only walked away with a white summer time top and the cutest wrap around espadrilles! They both complimented perfectly with a pair of shorts Mistee bought me last week.

So, Sunday I put on my new outfit, did my hair and make up (which I never do - just to run around town). I felt FAN flippin TASTIC! The weather was great, I looked cute and felt wonderful. All I kept thinking to myself was "Damn, why didn't I do this years ago?" Ive lived my life feeling like crap for so many years - its a great change to feel confident. I will NEVER go back to where I came from.

This morning the scale said 242.6 - that's a SIX pound loss from last Monday! However, we had just gotten back from our trip last week Monday. I had a three pound loss over night - the scale last week Tuesday read 227.2 after saying 230.6 the day before. I know alot of it was because of water weight change. I posted before about how extremely bloated I was. But dang, SIX pounds? One week? And did I mention - no, I mean NO working out? I don't know why it happened (though it could be that my body is catching up to all the walking we did on the trip) but Ill take what ever I can get!

So, Im at a 36 pound loss now. In January, I was in a size 24 pants. At ON on Saturday I put on a size 16. They didn't look good and I didn't buy them. But I got them on, they buttoned and zipped with ease (Ok, maybe I had to suck in just a tad). Just too much muffin top for me to actually get them. BUT THEY WERE ON! A size 16! Can you believe it?

My next goal is to get into Onderland buy July 4th. I need 25 pounds off to be there. So, that's just a little over two pounds a week. I think I can... I think I can.... WAIT - no, I KNOW I can..... I KNOW I can!!!


Laura said...

New reader of your blog here:) I'm glad you had so much fun trying on clothes and WOW on the loss this week! I'm excited to join you on this journey :) :) :)

Keelie said...

I know what you mean about why not sooner!!! Oh well--were doing it now!

Kelly said...

Dang girl! And I thought I had taken a lot of pics.. I got a little over 600! Wow! Yeah on the scrapbook! I love scrapbooks!!!

I'm still so exhausted from our trip also.. I need to blog, but I can't find the energy to type or my brain to work to put all the words into it. Tomorrow will be better.

WOOOHOOO on the 6 lbs down! That's awesome!! Congrats on a job well done.. That was def a lot of walking we just did!!!!

Have a great week!

Jessica - cbgblog said...

Love your attitude at the end with - I KNOW I CAN. That is the way to look at things.

Jessica - cbgblog said...

I know. It is crazy what food places come up with. It is like... oh, everyone is being carb friendly so lets just cut out the carb part in general. It will be 'healthier' that way... um.. NEGATIVE! *haha*

Jessica - cbgblog said...
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Jessica - cbgblog said...
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Jessica - cbgblog said...
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