Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pics - New hair and sweat!

I'm really trying to follow in Keelie's footsteps some. She takes tons of pictures of herself so she can see her progress. I just feel silly taking pictures of myself in the mirror. Do I smile? Not smile? Pose or no? I dont know. Just strange to me.

First, I found a couple of before pics. These were taken at Mistee and I's 10th anniversary surprise party. Our friends are amazing and went to a lot of trouble to show us they care.

Ive had a couple of people ask about my new haircut. So, I decided to take some pics of it. I had kind of a hard time with these. The lights above my vanity are hot so I was sweating like a sinner in church. But you'll get the idea. I'm going to color it tonight. I'm naturally blond, dark but blond. I need to be blond. Some people need chocolate. I need my hair to be blond. Other colors just don't work for me.

Just a warning that these next pics are FUN-KEY! I decided to jump on the treadmill for a half an hour Monday night. But when my half hour was up - I decided to go for another. Boy was I pooped when I was done. If you haven't noticed - Ive kind of given up on my 4/1. I feel like I can get more done if I don't throw running into the mix. I can walk at an extremely fast pace and keep it up for ages but when you throw running into it - I can't keep at it for long. I know I should be pushing myself but I just feel like I get a better work out I don't run. Anyway, here's what I accomplished with my hour on the treadmill.

If you remember, Ive been really nervous about next weeks trip. I decided to be proactive about the situation and looked up the menus for all of the restaurants we have reservations for. I bought myself a notebook last week to log my meals in. So after looking up all of the menus I made notes on what my options could be. That way I wont feel like I'm scrambling around while sitting at the table - Ill already have a plan of action. I'm pretty excited about that. It really helped put my mind at ease some. I also made the deal with Mistee and Duppy that instead of stopping to eat while on the road, we would pack a small cooler. Its cheaper, saves time and saves me calories! Yay!
I'm still hoping to reach my goal Friday before we leave. I wanted 30 pounds gone before we left. Yesterday, the scale said 232.4 That means I have 2.4 pounds to go. I didn't weigh today. So, we'll just see what happens!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Thanks so much to everyone for your support on my last, kind of frumpy, post. Ive come to understand that we all have ups and downs with this journey. Ill have to take the good points with the bad both mental and physical. I want this - so I'm willing to take what ever I can get.
Oh, and I bought another pair of shorts and a pair of capris last night. Both size 18! The shorts are good but the capris have a pretty good muffin top. I can hide it with a new baggie shirt I got - also size 18. Ill take them on the trip - but I don't know if Ill wear them. It'll just depend on my mood at the time I guess!

Oh, and by the way -- I've renamed sweat. It will now be known as MELTED FAT! :)


Kelly said...

Woop Woop!
Love the new hair cut!
Dang girl! You're doing amazing on that treadmill!!!! Get it!

Enjoy your trip, I'll be there the next week and I can't wait to hear from you how it goes!!!!

Keep up the great work! :)

Anonymous said...

L*O*V*E the new name for sweat!

Minnesota Mami said...

Love the new name for sweat! In fact, I'm getting ready to go 'melt fat' in just a couple minutes.
Thanks for linking up at We Love Workouts! Yep, you definitely were 'melting fat' in that workout! Awesome! Great job planning ahead for your trip. I've looked up menus before going out and it totally helps once you get there! I hope you reach your goal by Friday, but even if you don't you can walk tall, knowing how hard you've worked!

Holly @ Making Over Me

Laura said...

You have another one who LOVES your name for sweat.

I think the next time I work out and see my sweaty self afterward, I won't be able to do anything but smile as I think of it as "melted fat"!

Congratulations on all your accomplishments:)