Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I read blog posts every day where you guys are posting great before, during and after pictures of yourselves.
I only have one picture of me and that's my profile pic. So, I guess its time to show you who I am. The good, bad, and super ugly. However, when looking through pics to find some of myself, I discovered - I have only a handful. None while pregnant with Monkey, none of me this past Christmas, none of me at soccer games or birthday parties.
I guess Ive used my love of photography as a crutch. Because if I'm the one taking the pictures, I can't be in the pictures.
No more.
I want to be able to share memories with my family. I want to be able to look at pictures of all of us together. I'm not where I want to be weight wise but I will not let that hold me back from preserving memories any more.
So, would you mind taking a picture of us?

This first one is just a bigger version of my profile pic. Its a cute pic I think of Monkey and I.

This one was taken in summer of 07, I believe. I was probably around 230. I was tanning, had a cute haircut and was overall pretty ok with myself physically.

This is from this past Thanksgiving. Bubba, Monkey and I were modeling the turkey aprons we made that day. I was 260 pounds and the pants I have on are a size 22.

There's no real reason for this one, other than I think its funny. This was Halloween 09. 260 pounds and the pants I had on (not that you can see them) are a 22. I couldn't button them but you couldn't tell because the corset covers the waist of the pants.

Now here are the two whoa momma jommas. The pictures that say it all. They were both taken this past January, three days apart from each other. Typically, if I saw these pictures on the cameras memory card I would delete them. But for some reason, I didn't. Maybe it was part of the divine intervention.

The last one is the one I use as my "before" picture. The picture is supposed to be of Monkey sleeping. Obviously, Mistee does not know how to use the zoom button on the camera. This picture disgusts me. Its just gross. I cried when I first saw it. I had already started my healthy journey but by seeing this picture I was REALLY able to see the picture.

I will not post any more pictures of me looking like that. Because I no longer look like that!