Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food for thought

I've seen alot of you guys posting what you eat every day. I track everything I stuff into my face on sparkpeople so posting it here too would be kind of overkill. But every once in a while cant hurt and it gives you an idea of my day.


Yoplait Delights Parfait - Cherry Cheesecake (This was new to me and I don't really care for it.)
1/4 cup Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola
1/4 cup fresh blueberries
2 medium fresh strawberries
30 ounces of water

Total: 248 Calories, 42 carbs, 4 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein and sodium 97.

Wait!! What?? Sodium 97! How does a 4 ounce container of yogurt have 80 grams of sodium??!! The kind I usually eat, Greek Gods Honey Greek Yogurt, has more calories at 160 but has less sodium at 65 grams. Guess you have to pick and choose huh? But, I wont be eating the Yoplait again.


2 - Mission White Corn Tortillas
1/2 cup canned black beans
1/2 cup chopped Romain Lettuce
1/2 cup chopped Roma Tomatoes
1/4 Haas Avacado
1 Tbs light sour cream
1/8 cup 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese (I just can't do fat free cheese - blech!)
2 Tbs Salsa
30 ounces of water

This is a pic of last nights dinner. Seriously, how good does that look? Darn good!

To be honest, I can't remember who posted it - Im sorry! But, I read a post showing tostadas for dinner. It looked like such a great idea! We did it for dinner last night with ground chicken. They were soo good! Misee and I each had two, Monkey had two and Bubba ate four!! I'm so lucky I have kids that like to try new things! So our lunch today will be left overs - with out the chicken or rice side.

Total: Calories 386, Carbs 53, Fat 14, Protein 15 and 672 grams of sodium.

The sodium is pretty high due to the beans. However, it could be worse with re fried beans - and I really think the actual number is lower because I drain and rinse canned beans before cooking them.


1 cup 15 bean mix, dried beans - cooked (this is actually two servings)
1/2 Eckrich Cheddar Smoked Sausage
1 cup fresh broccoli
2 Tbs salsa
30 ounces of water

Meal Total: 379 Calories, 49 carbs, 11 fat, 15 protein, and 608 grams of sodium.

How pretty! Before I rinsed these and started soaking them - I used them as a learning lesson for the kiddos. We talked about all the colors and sizes. I let them run their hands through them and pick out all the different kinds they could find. Fun with food!

Snacks through out the day:

1 Special K Strawberry Bar
1 Cutie Mandarin Orange
30 ounces of water

Snack total: 119 calories, 24 carbs, 2 fat, 2 protein, and 111 grams of sodium.

Totals for the day: 1131 Calories, 167 carbs, 31 fat, 49 protein, and 1488 grams of sodium.

So, there you have it! My numbers for the day. It is a tad low at the end of the day - but that gives me a little play room if I have the munchies. I could throw in another Cutie, Special K bar, or even another 1/2 cup serving of beans with dinner.


She woke up FAT said...

Once you have tasted the glory of Greek you will never desire a yoplait again.

linds said...

Oh, I know! The texture is different. The flavor is different. It doesnt have that fake sugar, artificial taste. I love it!

Stephanie said...

I haven't tried the greek yogurt, yet but now I want too! : )

Oh and your food always looks soo yummy! Can I come and eat dinner with you!?! ; ) LOL

Minnesota Mami said...

saw you sharing your post-workout glow on Prior Fat Girl today (my pic is up there too!)

Greek yogurt - I keep reading about it...guess I'm gonna have to try it!

Keep up the great work girl!

Holly @ Making Over Me

Jessica - cbgblog said...

Thank you for the message... I didn't mean to make you tear up. Trust me, I teared up writing all of that and basically reliving the past 3 months all over again.

Thank you for the compliment. It is all I can do but be strong. Your prayers are welcomed. Thank you again.