Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunshine Award!

I got a blogger award! This is my first one! **I say first one, like I'm gonna get tons more - gah!)

Thanks so much Crystal at Fitness Journal! If she's not on your reading list, she should be! She's a great person, full of support and kindness.
*Crystal if you're reading this - I can't comment on your posts. When it goes to the word verification, it cuts off the box to type the word in. Help! And thanks so much for the award!

The rules for this award are simple - just pass on to 12 other bloggers who inspire you or need a little Sunshine.

I'm never one to follow the rules so I'm going to change this up a bit. I have only three girls I'm giving this award to.

Our personal journeys to being healthy or staying healthy are not easy, especially with the normal challenges of everyday life. However, these three strong, determined and inspiring women are going through personal stresses that would make any of us stop dead in our tracks - wither its becoming a newly single mother, dealing with the serious illness of a close family member, or dealing with a death of a loved one. These three women still manage to make healthy living a priority. They are truly an inspiration to me. Please keep them in your thoughts as they go through their individual journeys.

All of these women have been previously awarded this prize but I think we all need a little more Sunshine in our lives!

I am giving this award to:
MrsFatass at Did I Just Eat That Out Loud?
Buzzy & Breezelys Mama at
Jessica at CBGBlog


Kelly said...

Congrats on this award!!!!!

**I found that if i tabbed on the comment spot of Crystals comment box, it would show me the word verification.
I'm so glad I can comment on your blog again! Crazy blog world lately!!!

Have a wonderful day!

linds said...

It has been a crazy blog world lately! When I tried to view my other post for the day I found that my blog had been hacked. Something about third party gadgets and applications. I had to go into the HTML code and find the one causing the problem and delete it. I am NOT good at HTML codes - at all. So, its a good thing I got lucky cause my blog could have been toast!

Thanks for the info on how to comment on Crystals page!!!

linds said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica - cbgblog said...

Aww. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful person and deserve and will get many awards :)

Buzzy & Breezelys Mama said...

TY for the award and congrats on getting it!!! :)