Monday, April 12, 2010

My first 5K!!

Last week I saw a commercial for The Mayors 5K. Its a race here in Abilene, downtown. In several of your blogs, I read where you're training for one, are doing one or have done one. "What the hell? Why not?" I thought. I didn't know anyone who was doing it but was willing to even go by myself. However, I got the great idea to talk to Bubba about it. Im SO glad I did. He wanted to do it and was super excited. Saturday was his birthday - what a great way to start it!

We got up early that morning and headed down there. Wow! What fun! We found a couple of girls that go to our church and walked with them. We finished in just a little over 51 minutes. Our time could have been much better - but we were chit chatting and having fun with it. Bubba asked me to run several times but I just wasn't up for it. Not yet. Plus, I had a back pack on that was real floppy and not comfortable. I wouldn't have been able to run if I wanted to.

After the 5K there was a little 1 mile fun run. We were already there so we did that one too - just walked it though. Right before that started - look who we saw!

Melissa is not my favorite on the show but was really nice in person. You never know what someone is edited to be like on a reality show.

So, Bubba and I have a new hobby!! Our second one is this weekend - at the Ft Worth Zoo. I want our time to be at least 45 minutes, if not less. We also have one planned for the 24th - the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. YAY!! Who knows what other races we'll do. Weve also looked at a couple of half marathons. I think he's nuts but he says we can do it.

We also have a plan - Next year at the Mayors 5K - we will run. Not only will we run the entire race but we will metal. We have a year to train. We can do it!

Ive been registered to walk the Susan Komen 3 Day for the Cure for several months now but Bubba can not participate in that one. He's too young by their standards. Plus, I really feel that's a lot for him physically - 60 miles is a heck of a lot. And once you get started there's no turning back. Well, there IS but - I don't want to have to turn back with him.

Me registering for the 3Day was the start of my transformation. I really felt the desire to do it but knew there was no way I could complete it in the condition I was in. That's when I broke out the treadmill and actually GOT ON IT. 40 pounds down and a whole lot more energy later -- I still am not ready to walk 60 miles. But I'm getting there.

I don't have breast cancer and can thankfully say I have no personal connections to it. But I STRONGLY believe that this 60 mile walk has saved my life - before I even walked it. I will walk it - EVERY. DAMN. MILE. Because I can. There are so many women who can't walk. They cant walk because of the chemo - others can't walk because they've lost their battle. So, I will because I can.

I started a team with some friends of mine. There are 5 of us total going to walk this walk. None of us have done it before.

In order to take the first step in this walk - we have to raise $2,300 each. No ifs, ands or buts. No fund raising - no walking.

There's a link on my side bar to my personal fund raising page. If you have it in you - $5, $10, $20, $100 or $500. What ever you can - Ill take it! For donations of $50 - Ill honor a loved one with their name on the shirt Ill wear or the flag Ill wave when I walk. Also, the adds on my page are all AdSense - I get paid when you follow the links. You don't have to buy a thing - just click, click, CLICK. All that I get from the AdSense goes directly to my walk fund.

If you want, and will - write a post on your blog about my walk - spread the word - link your friends to me - **Would LOVE if J*ck Sh*t got the word and spread it, hint hint. :) **

Let them all know what I'm doing, what the cause is and how they can help. If I have to hawk my youngest child to get the funds to walk this walk - I will. Though that would suck. So, PLEASE for the love of Monkey - help me!!


Weight Watcher Wannabe said...

Great job.. You are walking for a great cause. Bravo to you...

I actually really like that Melissa lady. She stirred the pot up real good.. :().. EEK..

Your before pics and after pics are fantastic. You look great...

Kelly said...

awesome! HIGH FIVE!!!

You are doing a fabulous job!
love the pic with Melissa, she isn't my fav either, but she sure made it interesting!!!