Friday, April 23, 2010

Im still here!!

Hi guys!! I received a comment from Jessica at CBGBlog a couple of days ago asking if I was ok.

First of all, how stinkin sweet is she??

Yes, I am still here! I'm trying to stay caught up on everyone's postings but it is becoming difficult for me. No, I haven't fallen off of the wagon. I'm still eating well and am working out - in my mind. Who am I kidding? Since we've been back from our vacation - I haven't worked out but maybe five times total.

As of Wednesday - I am clocking in at 215. A total of 45 pounds gone. I'm almost halfway to my goal! Whoot!

So, let me explain why I've been pulled into 15 different directions --

Ive talked some about my walk in this years Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure in Dallas this coming November. Well, my little adventure has since turned into a seven man team. And I'm talking to three other girls about walking with us too.
Each person who commits to walking this walk - also commits to raising $2,300. That's a total of $16,100 so far for the team to raise. These numbers are insane for a new team full of first time walkers.

Look what is happening here --- my little personal goal of losing weight, becoming healthy and walking 60 miles (as my own personal fitness goal) has turned into raising over SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for a fantastic cause!! I could not be more proud of what is happening here - right in front of my eyes.

I get phone calls and texts every day from team members who get donations. "I got $20!" "I just got one for $50!" This morning, one of my best friend IMd me saying "I just got at $200 donation!" The team is all so excited and encouraged by what we are going - its amazing.

Right now, my fund raising account sits at $475.91. That money has been raised in only TEN donations. I'm absolutely overwhelmed at the support we are getting from friends and family members. Ive also been absolutely overwhelmed by the information I have learned about my friends and family members. I have learned that some of them have lost friends, aunts, cousins, and sisters to this horrible disease. Ive also learned that a few have dealt with this disease themselves.

Do you guys know

Over 1.3 million women are diagnosed globally through out a year.
Somewhere in the world, a woman dies from breast cancer every 68 seconds.

These numbers are insane to me.

Susan G Komen died from this disease in 1980. She was 36 years old. She passed only 3 years after her diagnosis. In 1980, the five year survival rate for breast cancer was 78%. Since then, through the help and funding from the Susan G Komen Organization, that number is now 98%.


Read it again - 98% and yet STILL someone dies every 68 seconds.

If that doesn't drive you to want to change things, nothing will. I know of four women who have personally been affected by this disease - one of which has had a double mastectomy. Another had a single mastectomy and is now having issues with her other breast. She will be having a biopsy next week. I have no doubt, none at all, that one if not all of these women would be dead now, if it weren't for this organization.

How would your children survive with out their mother? How would you survive with out your mother, best friend, sister? How would you survive if, God forbid, you had to bury your daughter.

ONE in EIGHT women will be diagnosed with this disease. Look around you. How many family members do you have? How many friends do you have? How many blogs do you follow? I follow 59 blogs. Statistically, at least 7 of the bloggers I follow will receive this diagnosis. Jack Sh*t, you are not immune - roughly 2,000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone.

So, that's why Ive been missing the last week or so. I'm becoming passionate about this cause and I haven't even walked my first walk.

My first walk -- TOMORROW! The Komen Organization has 5Ks all over the country. If 60 miles is too much for you - find a 5K. I know there will be two in Dallas this year alone. Were getting up at 4:30 to drive the tree hours to attend this event. Bubba is so excited!

Speaking of Bubba - he has volunteered to do anything and everything the team needs to do to help the team raise money. With his birthday money he bought two spools of pink ribbon to make into the classic pink ribbon pins. He's walking the 5K and has even volunteered to wear a bra on the outside of his clothes and a pink wig during our fund raising events. He is disappointed he can not walk in the 3 Day but I have no doubt this will not be my only year to walk. He only has 6 years to wait.

We have several fund raisers planned - we dont have a Krispy Kreme down here so they sell like hot cakes. They have a great fund raising program so we'll do a few donut sales. We'll also be doing a few car washes, a flamingo flocking project and bake sales in front of Walmart. I have a meeting with my church's board to discuss a spaghetti dinner and pancake dinner. A friend of mine has offered her Scentsy business as a fund raiser. The team will get 25% of the profit sales for three weeks. We will start that next week. So, if you know of Scentsy and would like to place an order - just let me know. I'll pay for the shipping to save you money. And if you'd like to help us sell -- I can send you the order forms - and again, I will pay for the shipping to get the items to you. If you dont know what Scentsy is, you don't know what your missing!

If you'd like to help me by donating, please follow this link. All donations are completely tax deductible. If an individual or company donation is made in the amount of $500 or more, the name of the company or individual is printed on the back of our team shirts. Also, my personal dedication is that anyone who makes a donation of any dollar amount, who has a loved one lost or fighting this disease I will personally write their loved ones name on the shirt I will wear to walk my 60 miles.


Janna said...

YEAH! Another 3-Dayer! I found your blog off another blog...but I had to comment and say GOOD LUCK!

I am doing my 5th walk this first walk I did in Dallas. It is an amazing, life changing experience!

If you need any tips or anything don't hesitate to contact me!

Have a GREAT weekend!