Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weight loss updates.....

Last weekend I had my first gain - like 6 pounds in a matter of three days! I was pissed to say the least! However, I'm really thinking its mostly due to sodium/water. I haven't been drinking water like I should be and I can feel it.

Last weekend was our first team training session for our 3 Day walk in November. We got up early, rubbing our eyes. The coffee drinkers grabbed a cup and we were on our way! Right now were walking on the ACU trail. Its two miles around, paved and really pretty. We'll stay there for a couple of weeks, then move to other locations to acclimate ourselves to different walking areas, hills and curbs. Sunday, we walked 4 miles then went for breakfast. As we were eating, one of the other girls and I decided to go back and walk another 4 miles. Fun!
So far this week, Ive clocked in 17 miles.

Because Ive been so busy with fund raising, planning and researching for the team - my eating habits have been horrible! But totally not in the way you'd expect. Im not eating enough! For example, yesterday I ate 2 eggo waffles with syrup for breakfast. At 6:30 last night it occured to me I had ONLY eaten those two waffles - all day. We had Taco Bell for dinner. I didnt go over my calories for the day but of course went way over on sodium.

My 6 pound gain is gone and I'm back to where I was before. Im sitting at 213 as of this morning. I have two months to get down to onderland to make the goal I set for myself. I would really like to think that will happen. If it doesn't Im going to be not a happy camper! However, I am totally aware of how my priorities are shifted right now. I'm not putting EVERYTHING into getting this weight off. While it is still top on my list - I am team leader of 7 other girls (we got a new walker!). These girls are all looking forward to this walk and I want us to be successful. I will not let them down and I will not let myself down!

I figure the weight loss will come hand in hand with the training were doing. I just have to continue to watch what I put into my mouth. But isnt that the whole point of a life change?

I know I havent been around much and Im sorry - I appreciate all of the support from everyone!


Kelly said...

No worries! Life happens and I know you'll be fine and continue to kick some butt! Here's to a new month!
Have a great one :)

Tina said...

You've made great progress. Don't forget that the true measure of your success is not the scale number, but the way you are treating your body. When you treat your body well, the scale will (eventually!) reflect that. Don't stress over the water/sodium - it's always temporary. :)

Jeannette said...

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