Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Blog and Tracee's Giveaway!!

So much for me trying to maintain my weight loss blog and keep up with all my 3 Day stuff at the same time huh??

As far as weight loss goes - I'm still maintaining what Ive lost Im sitting firm at 213. Not great but at least Im not gaining. Working out has become non existent for me - that is hard core Jillian style work outs. However, through training for the 3 Day Im walking long distances at least three times a week. Sunday we did 5 miles and Ill go for 6 tonight. Ive bumped my calories up to between 1500 and 1600 vs the 1200-1300 I was doing before. That with the lack of hard work outs - Im sure that's why I'm not dropping weight more. Im totally ok with this. Of course, Id like to have it come off quicker but Im really trying to teach myself to have a better relationship with food. We all go through periods of time in our lives that are more stressful, we have things going on, etc. I want this to be a life long change. If I can have a large weight loss over a few months, then maintain for a few months Im totally good. I would hate to drop all the weight and then not know how to maintain it - only to gain it all back.
So, that's where Im sitting.

Ive decided to start a new blog. Im reading so many 3 Day blogs, Id like to write on that subject as well. However, I know the readers I have are here because of my weight loss journey. So, Ill spare you guys the talks about hydration (though we all know how important that is!), blisters, little pink tents and boobs! Im working on the layout and first post of the new blog now - Blisters for Sisters. Don't expect to not hear about breast cancer on Ramblings of a fat girl at all, cause its gonna happen. This is an important topic people. We should all be concerned. Think - really seriously think of eight women - give them names. Who did you think of? Your mother? Sister? Daughter? Best friend?

Here's my eight:
Mistee, my best friend, team mate and partner.
Jessica one of my closest friends and team mate.
Jennifer a team mate and also a good friend.
Buffy - my boys God mother, a great friend and team mate.
Cheryl - my soon to be sister in law and team mate.
Peggy - my mother.
MaKayla - my niece who's 7.
Ms. Jean - one of my gremlins who's 19 months old and a light in my eye.

There's my eight. They all have names and are all very close in my heart. What's the point to this, you ask? Statically, one of them will be personally diagnosed with breast cancer. You and I both know that my list and your list of women (or future women) could have been much much longer. Not only do I not want these women to be affected by this disease personally, I dont want them to be affected by it at all. Ms Jean is only a toddler and God willing, may never be diagnosed with breast cancer, but she may lose a mother, aunt, grand mother or close friend. I dont want to see Ms Jean hurt - physically or emotionally. Thats why I walk. And that's why I do my part to help find an end to this disease - for my list of eight, their list of eight and their list of eight and all the future lists of eight.

Who's your list of eight?

On a lighter note -- let me introduce all of you to Tracee. Tracee is a wonderful woman and parent. She is the only human on the planet I trusted to keep Monkey on a regular basis when I worked out side of my home. Some days I wish shed take him now! :)
She has a great blog, Mothering in a Shoe and posted a fantastic giveaway she today! She's giving away a DaVinci Bracelet and three beads. Ive never gotten hooked on Pandora beads however, I can so see these becoming an addiction! They're cute, customizable and wont cost a fortune! So, with or with out winning her give away - I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to ask for for my birthday (on top of the New Balance walking shoes Ive been drooling over).

Thats all for today folks! Toon in later - same bat time, same bat channel!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love Lindsey!!! I didn't even know you had a blog, I'm going to follow you now too :)

Jessica - cbgblog said...

Haven't seen you around in a long time.... hope you are doing okay!